What is silicone?
Silicone is a clever material that technically belongs to the rubber family, although you’ll find it in everything from hard resins right through to medicines and oil.

With no phthalates and a low extractable content, it is safer than plastics, doesn’t react with other materials, and is both incredibly durable and soft. Best of all, the silicones you’ll find in Nion skin care devices have antibacterial properties that make maintaining your products a breeze.


What makes Nion silicone antibacterial?  

Silicones imbued with silver have known antimicrobial properties and no toxicity issues. All the silicone we use here at Nion has been treated with silver, delivering antibacterial skin care devices that are easy to maintain and sure to keep your skin radiant.


What are the advantages of silicone skin care products?

More durable than natural rubber, resistant to fungus and chemicals, and impervious to UV rays and heat, silicone is a stable material with exceptional durability.
By using silicone, we ensure that your Nion beauty products will stand the test of time; delivering beautiful, glowing skin whether you leave them out in the sun, drop them in the bath, or rest them on the towel rail.


Why not use plastic bristles?

Gentle silicone is softer than the finest plastic, and is far more flexible and a lot more durable.
Plastic bristles also lack the antibacterial properties of Nion’s silicone face brushes, meaning plastic bristles are often difficult to clean and can cause blemishes and infections.


Will my silicone face brush wear out?

Not at all! Silicone is exceptionally durable, especially at high temperatures, so the friction caused by the cleaning motion won’t wear down the bristles. With Nion, you can say goodbye to replacement heads.


Are Nion products waterproof? Even the rechargeable ones? 

All Nion silicone skin care products are tested to the highest standard and are IPX-7 certified, which means they can hang out at 1000mm under water for 30 minutes and still work perfectly.


What are negative ions? How do they work?

Negative ions are naturally occurring particles that tend to congregate in areas where there’s lots of moving water (think waterfalls, beaches, and thunderstorms). They give the air that distinct, ‘fresh’ feeling and have been proven to lighten our moods, combat depression, and increase our sense of well-being. They also boost the flow of oxygen to the brain and can reduce irritation caused by atmospheric contaminants like pollen and pollutants.

We’ve known about the benefits of these super-charged little particles for years now, and you can even find air ionizers in some hospitals, where they have been shown to reduce the incidence of airborne infections.

At Nion, we’ve harnessed the natural power of ion cleansing to deliver skin care devices that purify the skin and boost blood circulation, helping you achieve a gorgeous, glowing complexion.


What is S-ion Technology®?

This pioneering technology is unique to Nion, and combines soft silicon with negative ion generation.

We imbue our silicone with Tourmaline, an organic mineral compound that naturally releases negative ions. The result is S-ion, a durable, antibacterial silicone that generates negative ions and is perfect for ionic cleansing products.
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What is Kinetic Energy Cleansing®?

Cleaning skin is no easy business. It’s a porous surface and, over the years, professionals have moved on from simply scrubbing dirt away and now favor friction cleansing with ultrasonic devices or brush scrubbers. However, friction cleansing is potentially abrasive and can remove many of the skin’s own natural defenses, leaving it dry and open to infection.

Kinetic Skin Cleansing® doesn’t rely on friction. Instead, it uses vibrations to loosen the dirt on the surface of the skin, enabling you to wash away impurities without stripping your skin of the naturally occurring oils that protect against aging, dryness, and blemishes.
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Do Nion products have any safety features?

All of our silicone skin care products are manufactured to the highest standards. Each product is low voltage and waterproof, and we only use food-grade quality silicone, which doesn't contain any toxic phthalates.

How long will the S-ion Technology® generate negative ions?

Our Tourmaline infused silicone has been shown to generate negative ions for up to 20 years.


How strong are the negative ion properties of Nion products?

All of our brushes feature a 45-degree angle at the tip of the bristle. This sloping design is the best for delivering kinetic energy to small pores and glides smoothly over the skin with no friction.


What is the shelf life of Nion silicone brushes?

While the silicone won’t wear, and S-ion Technology® ensures negative ion generation for up to two decades, the motors in our skin care devices don’t last forever. They have a continuous running lifetime of at least 250 hours. Assuming you use your device every day for four minutes, that’s around 10 years of use.


How do Nion silicone brushes match up to the other competitors?

Here at Nion, we’re incredibly proud of our silicone skin care products, and we want to ensure everyone can enjoy them. We offer our silicone brushes in a wider range of prices than our closest competitors, and pack them full of additional features, including:

  • Ionic cleansing techniques.
  • Kinetic Skin Cleansing® action.
  • Patented S-ion Technology®.
  • Antibacterial properties.



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